District Training Programme – Jan 2019
Training of Trainers
Agriculture field – Telangana
Stakeholder consultation – Punjab
Mandi eco-village – Himachal Pradesh
Ecosystem based climate proofing of watershed – Tamil Nadu

The “climatevulnerability.in” Portal is a one-stop window to climate related information focussing on climate change. This web-based climate information tool provides access to country data (India) related to climate change. The portal:

✔ Provides access to country data (India) related to climate change – historical and future (till 2050 and 2100) climate information
✔ Allows visual presentation of the climate change vulnerability information in a user-friendly interface, to enable planners to identify the hotpots and accordingly plan for adaptation to build resilience.
✔ Allows users to query, map, compare, chart and summarize key climate and climate-related information.
✔ Depicts climate Change profiles at State and District level and provides quick information on mean, trend, change and extreme climate indices.

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